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UK Refugee Week 2020: IMAGINE (voices from Lebanon)

Description: Imagination consumes a significant part of our thinking and seeing the world. In fact, our imagination takes an active role in everything we see or conceive of. Whether we are recalling a memory, navigating a room or space we’re in, or understanding our current situation, imagination (which is the construction of narrative) is present. While imagination is the creation of what is not present, or currently attainable, it nonetheless emanates from critical pieces of our past. Thus, it is our conviction that the future and the past are present in the imagination.
Yet, how is imagination different when you are a refugee? How is it different when you are a refugee living both displacement and a pandemic?
For Palestinian refugees, imagining is not only an individual act, but a collective one as well. What is an individual imagination as opposed to a collective one in the Palestinian refugee’s mind? Indeed, we need to further interrogate the notion of imagination when addressing Palestinian refugees (or any displaced communities for that matter).

Three creative pieces were produced in Burj el Barajneh camp in Lebanon in response: